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In what could be considered an upset over the Chinese, Australia’s out gay diving hottie, Matthew Mitcham, won the gold medal in men’s 10 meter platform diving. In addition to him being the best diver in the world, he came out to the Australian press a few months ago and created quite a buzz, including the cover of The Advocate.

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I am adjusting better to my new life and had a great, although wet, trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto.

Bell Guy and I have each got new cars last weekend. Well, I ordered mine and pick it up tomorrow.

Bell Guy got a silver Acura RDX. A nice upgrade from a Civic and will make for a nice dog-mobile.

I got a Smoky Granite Mica Lexus ES 350. My ES 330 had a lot of miles and was starting to wear a bit.

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Bell Guy is beginning to settle in and I am beginning to get used to my new reality. I get really super sad late at night when I think about what was but I know that will fade with time. I have not been sleeping well at all the last few nights but that should get better soon too. It’s ironic that right around the time I came out to my wife, me being gay was all consuming in my life. The same feelings are occurring now as well. Her and the dogs moving and Bell Guy moving in has consumed my life recently and I am looking forward to things returning to a new normal.

We have bought some new furniture and have rearranged some other furniture and I think doing so will enable me to make new memories sooner. I still am not sure that I want to stay in this house long term but I waffle with those thoughts frequently and, although I’d like to make a decision soon, we do not need to for a couple of months.

Bell Guy and I have been getting along well. I am very anal about where things are placed in the house and I know that merging his things with mine has been stressful for him. I know I need to be more flexible and less negative but I am having some trouble with dealing with that along with everything else at the moment. I am not sure that he understands the magnitude that all of these changes have had on me but that is my fault for not expressing my feelings. I am sure this, too, will be fine with time.

I am looking forward to getting out of town for a conference in Toronto later this week. I want a break from all of the moving and errand running and memories of this place.

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