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Plane Ticket to Orlando: $400
Rental Car in Orlando: $150
Telling Your Mom You Have a Boyfriend on Christmas Morning: Priceless

When I arrived in Orlando late Christmas Eve, the car rental company was out of cars. They told me to rent from another company and I’d be reimbursed. I did so, at a premium, and am still waiting on my reimbursement.

I then drove to the hotel, which was out of rooms. They had to upgrade me to a pretty sweet suite and since I had used Priceline and already saved a bundle, this was a nice Christmas present.

I got up Christmas morning and, after wrapping presents on my dining room table, I headed for my brother’s house, where my Mom was also staying. This would be the first time I had seen my Mom (or brother) since coming out.

This was also the first opportunity I had to meet my niece and she is quite a bundle. Born in August, she is a well behaved baby and a fat one at that. I think I will like being an uncle.

We began to open presents and I was given a bag of peanut M&M’s. I offered them to my brother and my Mom didn’t understand why. I told her that I didn’t eat peanuts anymore and she insisted to know why. I told her that I didn’t eat peanuts because the man I kiss is allergic. She was stunned and asked if my brother and sister-in-law heard what I had said. They had not so I repeated it. My brother started laughing uncontrollably, sister-in-law asked if I had a boyfriend and Mom was still trying to figure out how to pick her jaw up off the floor. I offered to take a picture with Mom and the bag of peanut M&M’s but she declined.

After opening presents and answering too many questions about Bell Guy, we played with my sister-in-law’s new Nintendo Wii and I decided that I wanted one.

Mom and I later went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner and, although I was peppered with more Bell Guy questions, it was an enjoyable evening at my favorite Orlando area restaurant.

The next day was spent hanging out with Mom, brother and niece at Celebration and I left to go home the day after. All in all, a nice visit and Mom behaved herself quite well.

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Merry Christmas!


My plane hit Santa on the way to Orlando.

Hope you’re having a great day with your friends and family.

Love you guys.

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I’ve been busy trying to get the rest of my shopping done and have that accomplished now thankfully. I get on a plane later today and fly to Orlando for a couple days.

Ok, back to Bell Guy and attempting to get the blog caught up to where we are…

Sometime over the weekend following the dinner and late night we decided to be an exclusive couple. He had mentioned the possibility of me being his boyfriend while at his place but I really didn’t feel like getting into that conversation at that moment. The decision was not difficult however. He is a great guy and it is not my personality to date around. I have decided that just because he is the first local guy I’ve been involved with, it would be foolish to dismiss him because of my inexperience.

The following Monday we met at Maggianos for dinner. I love that place, but recently, it has just been ok. They nearly dropped an entire tray of food on my head on my birthday (literally missed me by inches) a few weeks ago and things did not improve this time around. Service was just ok as was the food. Oh well, the company was more important anyway.

During dinner, Bell Guy mentioned that he needed new pillows so I said we should go to Macys and check them out after dinner. So, after dinner, we walked over to Macys and he spent forever picking out pillows. It was rather amusing. He took several pillows, put them on the bed and tried them out. While doing this, he was sticking his ass out and it was driving me crazy. So damn hot. I didn’t say anything to him about it until the next day or so and he laughed because he was not doing anything intentionally.

After Macys, we walked to a sitting area in the mall, which was very quiet by now, and just chatted for a while. We then walked to our cars and kissed goodnight.

He texted me about 30 minutes later and said he had a reaction to our kiss. No, not a good one. See, Bell Guy has a severe peanut allergy and I guess I had peanut residue on my lips. Before meeting him for dinner, I had gone home and changed clothes and brushed my teeth like I always do because I munch on peanuts from a colleague’s peanut jar at work. Well, I guess I didn’t wash my lips adequately. The reaction was mild (no doctor visits necessary) but freaked us both out and I felt terrible. I have since given up all nuts and pretty much live like I have a nut allergy. He says that isn’t necessary but I am not willing to risk any more problems.

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An Awakening

I know I have been bad. It has been many days since I had a meaningful post. Truth is, I have been spending virtually all of my free time with Bell Guy. I do not know where to begin to catch up, but I am going to try. I want to be able to look back at this and have a pretty accurate record of what’s gone on.

So, going way back…about two weeks ago to our third date. We met for dinner on Friday and were trying to figure out what to do next. We chatted at the restaurant until about 9pm and really had no idea of what to do next. I decided I wanted to see his place and suggested we head there. After some convincing, he agreed. (He didn’t want me to have to drive all the way there and back.)

When we got to his place, we sat on his sofa and chatted and cuddled. That soon led to making out and we were uncomfortable on the sofa so we went over to his bed.

I think it was that night I discovered that someone kissing my neck passionately totally makes me hot. Bell Guy is intense in bed and very good. I am not going to get into more detail than that except to say we didn’t go all the way that night but got far enough and we both really enjoyed it. Laying on his bed naked with him and just talking and holding one another was amazing. It was an awakening for me.

I didn’t want to leave him but did about 3am.

Stay tuned because I am determined to get caught up before Christmas!

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Zac Efron

I have gotten slammed by Zac Efron fans! Like, hundreds and hundreds a day. I do not know which search engine you all are using, but I’ll throw you a bone with two more pics. Merry Christmas!



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A few updates:

– I have not heard a word from Boston Guy since sending him the message the other night. He is done with school so I have little doubt that he has read it. I said hi to him on aim tonight and he chose not to reply. I hope I have not lost a friend but there is not a lot more that I can do and my message to him was sincere and from the heart.

– Things with Bell Guy have been going nicely. I do not even know where to start. We’ve been out four times, and each date was pretty long, so I have spent a lot of time with him in the last week. I almost need to pinch myself each day because I realize how lucky I am to have found him. I’ve just been totally swept off my feet. I’ll try to put some posts together about our times together soon. I am seeing him tomorrow and feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve: I just can’t wait!

There have been some implications with my wife the amount of time I have spent with Bell Guy and I need to blog about that too. Nothing crazy, but I am taking some new steps and it has an effect on her too. I am trying to strike a balance…

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Well, the acting Surgeon General says so. He wants the fat ass to slim down, saying Santa is a role model.


Now, I think he is a role model. Santa proves that if you eat your way around the world in one night, you’ll become fat. Kids should take notice.

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