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My friends at the Southern Policy Law Center are suing Ron Edwards, head of the Imperial Klans of America, and hoping for a civil judgment that will shut down the organization that has 16 chapters in eight states. The IKA is accused of brutally beating and severely injuring a teenager targeted for being an “illegal spic.” If the SPLC is successful this will bankrupt the second largest klan organization in the US. The SPLC has had good luck with this strategy in the past and let’s hope it continues.

The details:

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit against the Imperial Klans of America (IKA) and four Klansmen, saying several members were on a recruiting mission for the group in July 2006 when they beat a teenage boy at a county fair in Kentucky. The lawsuit claims that as part of an official recruiting drive organized by the IKA leadership, members went to the Meade County Fairgrounds in Brandenburg, Ky., to hand out business cards and flyers advertising a “white-only” IKA function. Two of the Klansmen at the fair began harassing a 16-year-old boy of Panamanian descent, calling him a “spic,” according to the lawsuit. The boy, who stood 5-foot-3 and weighed just 150 pounds, was beaten to the ground and kicked by the Klansmen, one of whom was 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds. The beating left the boy with two cracked ribs, a broken left forearm, multiple cuts and bruises, and jaw injuries requiring extensive dental repair.

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That was the text on an air freshener that was hanging on the rear view mirror of the car parked next to me at the mall today. People walking by must have been wondering what I was laughing at while getting into my car.

I had a really busy weekend, mostly because of work. I finally completed an online class I have been putting off. This was the last module (most were classroom sessions) needed to obtain a pretty prestigious certification for work. The class was supposed to take 8 hours but I got it done in about half that time, probably because it was designed for people close to twice my age. I just need to apply for the certification now and it will be mine. Yay me! I also spent a few hours working on a small project for a big convention we hare having this week. I will be glad when it is over as the entire event is my responsibility and is making my life more stressful than it needs to be.

For that upcoming event I bought a new suit and dress shirt at the mall today. It probably isn’t as hip as Eric’s new outfit, but I am clearly not the fashionista that he is. The suit is a navy pinstripe Calvin Klein model and the shirt a Nordstrom white dress shirt that I do not have to iron- sweet!). I’ll probably wear my Timberland dress shoes and I haven’t decided on the tie or boxers I will be wearing yet. LOL. Thankfully I virtually never have to suit up but this event on Thursday warrants it. I finished the evening by going to dinner with my wife, who already has a cold, and she has only been back at school for two weeks. Damn sickly middle school kids!

I was completely thrilled that OJ was locked up today. Hopefully, he won’t wriggle out of these charges and will serve some prison time.

I learned Friday night that a group of thugs had thrown a 16-year-old transgender girl through a plate glass window in DC Thursday night. One of said thugs (a 17-year-old male) was promptly arrested and it was reported that he had been arrested twice last week for throwing bricks at cars being operated by gay men. Now, how the hell do you get arrested three times in one week? Are you that fucking slow that you cannot run from the police or do you just not give a damn? Regardless, he has now been charged with a hate crime and remains in jail. The other thugs apparently got away, so many he is just a fat thug that cannot run fast. I used to have quite a bit of involvement with a local police department, as a volunteer cop, and instances like this make me think about getting involved again. That is a post for another time.

I was remiss last night in not mentioning that I have great parents and I appreciated Mom’s response to my letter. She loves my wife so this entire mess will be hard on Mom too. I have not heard from Dad yet.

My goal this week with this blog is to get into my Cast of Characters a little bit and begin to post about how I came to discover that I am gay.

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