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There are going to be a lot of New York homos on planes to California in about two weeks.

Gov. David Paterson of New York has told state agencies to recognize same-sex marriages performed in states and countries where they are legal, his spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The directive follows a February ruling from a New York state appeals court. That decision says that legal same sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions are entitled to recognition in New York.

By the way, Massachusetts does not allow marriage of non-residents in situations where the non-residents’ home state would prohibit the marriage. Thus the reason every gay couple in the country hasn’t been getting married in Massachusetts.

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Buried under less important news, it was reported today that California citizens, for the first time ever, support the right for same sex partners to marry. A poll on the issue has been taken for thirty years and this time 51 percent support the marriage right while 42 percent oppose. Two years ago the split was 44-50. This huge news hopefully will be a positive predictor of a defeat of a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage if it appears on the ballot in November.

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Pull My Hair

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As I blogged about a couple month’s ago, my grandmother died on March 19. Arlington National Cemetery has such a backlog of funerals, her service was not held until today. I had been dreading this day for some time because I really do not handle death well and do not like to ever be emotional. (I have no idea how a family is able to deal with losing a son in Iraq, for instance, only to then have to wait up to two months for the service. I know that many have a local service in their hometown, but then having to repeat it again at Arlington, should they want their loved one buried there, must be extremely taxing for them.)

We were worried about rain but it thankfully held off. My wife accompanied me which was nice of her.

My grandmother was a second lieutenant in the army. Therefore, she was buried with full military honors. The service was very small, only the immediate family, and started in the chapel at Fort Myer right at 9am. The chaplain seemed nice and had nice things to say, speaking about serving God and her country. I held it together well during the service.

After the service, which was probably less than twenty minutes, we stepped outside. The band began playing as the casket was loaded onto the caisson. There were probably six or eight horses, nearly thirty band members, a color guard and what seemed to be a dozen honor guard members carrying rifles. They all began to march towards the grave site, which was very far from the chapel, playing music the entire time. We were instructed to follow in our cars.

The very slow journey in our cars took what had to have been over twenty minutes. Arlington National Cemetery is just huge. Even though I have lived in the area for almost ten years, I am not sure I ever really understood just how huge until today. As a tourist you are really not able to comprehend the size of the cemetery and I have never gone to visit the graves of my two grandfathers and step grandfather.

The grave site was about 100 yards from the road and walking through the flooded grass, from our recent monsoon, proved challenging at some points. The honor guard unloaded the casket and placed it on a stand of some sort in front of my grandfather’s stone. He died in 1981, when I was four. I did not get to know him, nor do I remember him. I really feel that he was stolen from us too early at the age of 60.

The chaplain said a prayer and there were three shots in unison from the rifles. Taps was then played. It was during the shots and taps that I felt was eyes welling up with tears but it did not get out of hand. The honor guard folded up the flag with the same military precision you’ve seen on television and the movies and presented it to my uncle, “on behalf of a grateful nation.” An Arlington Lady, a volunteer representative of the Army, gave my uncle a note and had made some comments to him that I could not hear.

That was it. It was over.

My father told me and my brother that my other grandfather was buried about twenty graves down – in the same row. So, the three of us, along with my uncle and half brother walked down. That grandfather, my mom’s father, died six months after my father’s dad. He apparently was fine and at the funeral of my father’s dad, only to get acute leukemia and be buried in nearly the same spot six months later. I have always thought that he was stolen from us too early as well – he was only 58. I didn’t like seeing his grave. It bothered me and I am still not sure why. His wife is my only surviving grandparent.

Throughout the morning, I kept thinking to myself “I hate this place.” Arlington Cemetery has no good memories for me. Fort Myer Chapel is even worse. I attended the funeral of my step grandfather in that same chapel nearly nine years ago. His death was more sudden and the mental images of my grandmother putting his urn in the columbarium, and my aunt’s reaction to that, will be forever etched in my memory. Today was the first graveside service at Arlington and the service of a military officer that I had witnessed. It was all very nice and dignified and memorable. I’m not sure my grandmother would not have liked all of the attention but I am sure she is happy to finally be back beside her husband after over twenty-five years.

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Well, I’m not really moving. But maybe I should since the California Supreme Court had the sense to overturn the voter approved state ban on same sex marriage.

To be clear, this ruling makes California the second state to allow same sex marriage, behind Massachusetts.

I heard on the radio that because the ruling was close, this will not set a precedent across the country. Instead, it will allow both sides of the argument ammunition for their cause.

There is a movement underway in California to change the state constitution to restrict marriage to those of the opposite sex. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is opposed to such a change.

Look for an appeal to the US Supreme Court. In the meantime, I’m happy to celebrate a victory.

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There is an artist, Gerry Hofstetter, that travels the world, depicting images onto large buildings or other surfaces. He has done this at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid at Giza. Also among his triumphs are the Matterhorn in his native Switzerland, the White Cliffs of Dover along the English Channel, and gigantic icebergs in Antarctica. He made his US debut this weekend at the National Cathedral in DC and Bell Guy and I went to check it our on Friday night. Here are a few of the pics:

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You had been an accident and were in the ER – m4m (GW Hospital)

Reply to: pers-672878800@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-08, 1:02PM EDT

Saw you yesterday evening being brought into the ER from the ambulance. You were on a stretcher, bloodied and with severe head trauma. Apparently you were riding your bike and were struck by a drunk driver. The doctors seemed to indicate things were pretty serious. I think you looked adorable laying there helpless and unconcious on the stretcher. Perhaps if you get out of the coma, we can meet up for drinks? I hope you’re okay!

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Dear Hillary,

Time’s up. You need to get out of the race now. It has been a good run and a fun race but we have bigger enemies than Barrack to deal with now. While you have been bashing Barrack and he bashing you, John McCain has been galavanting all over the country, the world really, building momentum.

While I have been disappointed that Barrack has been unable to win any large states, with the exception of Illinois, I see no way that you can come back and win this. I realize that Florida and Michigan being included would help you, but it does not appear as that will happen and you knew that going in.

Barrack needs time to bring the party together and figure out how we will gain the support of blue collar white people. He needs your support to do that. Four or eight years of Barrack is far better than more years under a Republican regime.

Save your political future and Bill’s legacy and get out before you look like a sore loser.

Love You,


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My wife has been in Florida since Saturday at a job fair and looking for a place to live. The trip was a success for her, as she called me today and she signed a contract for the job at the location that she was hoping for and also found an apartment. So, it looks like she, along with my two dogs, will be moving in less than two months.

My how time has flown since I told her I was gay. It has been almost eight months now. Big changes ahead.

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I originally found this on Xtube.com, as it has been featured several times. Funny a video like this is a favorite on a porn site. It has gotten hundreds of comments and most are very positive. Sweet song. Adorable couple.

(I had to pull it from YouTube.com since WordPress doesn’t support XTube vids.)

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