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Goodbye Joe

Baseball rant time.

I was disappointed to read that Torre walked from the Yankees today. I cannot say I blame him. Twelve years and twelve playoff appearances, not to mention the world championships, and they wanted him to take a pay cut (29 percent). They thought this “offer” would motivate him to make a deeper run into the playoffs because of bonus money tied to depth in the playoffs. I find it funny that he turned around a team of superstars that played horribly earlier in the season and made the playoffs, which many thought was not possible, and he got this lousy offer. How many professionals, regardless of the field or salary, would accept a 29 percent pay cut from an organization that makes a fortune?

Now, the Yankees have a PR nightmare, not to mention the possibility of several players walking away due to their allegiance to Torre. They may not even make the playoffs next year, much less go deeper than this season. I know Torre will be fine. He is, and always has been a class act and is very well respected.

Rant over. Have a nice weekend.

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