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While I wait for Boston Guy to communicate and say what he wants, I’ve responded to a couple of craigslist ads that were asking for dates.

I was chatting with one of those guys tonight. I had chatted with him the other night and the conversation was good, not great, but we decided to exchange pics. He was reasonably attractive, and since I do not really have a type yet, certainly acceptable to meet. I said he was good looking. He said the same about me but then quickly said I was not his type. I asked what his type was and he said he did not have a type except that he had to find them attractive. Ouch.

I, of course, took this the wrong way. Just because he doesn’t find me attractive doesn’t mean that I am not. He said we could still stay in touch as he is always looking for friends and I agreed. After the chat I did delete him. What he said tonight, coupled with a comment he made about transgender people the other night (they are all mental cases), sealed his fate.

I told SL Guy what this guy said and SL Guy said that rejection is all part of the game. He also said the guy sounded like an ass. I know that if I was an ugly freak I probably never would have gotten married nor fooled around with guys before. What this guy said, and the way he said it, does still bother me. I know that I am a wuss.

There are times that I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut to my wife and continued with our marriage. Tonight was one of those times. It took tonight for me to realize that my ego is crazy fragile. It doesn’t matter what I had in the past, or how successful I am, this dating thing is going to be difficult.

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