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Sadly, the Caps lost in overtime to the dreaded Flyers last night in Game 7. Bell Guy and I were at the game and still had a blast. I’ve said for years that there is nothing like witnessing playoff hockey in person, and I still say that. The atmosphere was amazing – so loud at times you couldn’t hear the music that was being played. Bell Guy and I went to three games this season (two playoff games) and will probably buy a ten pack next year. He seems to really be a fan now. Although the Caps and their improbable playoff run are done this season, they are young and will be a contender for years to come.

Hopefully Ovechkin will win MVP and Boudreau Coach of the Year. They are both deserving.

I hope Montreal defeats Philly in four games. The Flyers are just like their fans – obnoxious brutal bruisers. Especially Briere.

Bell Guy at the game last Saturday.

Sold out Verizon Center, almost all wearing red on Tuesday night.

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Bell Guy and I had a busy weekend. Friday I got to his apartment and we went and had a quick early dinner so we could get home in time to watch the first Caps’ first playoff game. They won. Yay!

Saturday, I somehow convinced Bell Guy to buy a new TV. He got a great deal and her forty inches of pure pleasure will arrive soon! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! That project took much of Saturday and we did some other shopping and ate lunch downtown as well.

On Sunday we went to brunch with some of Bell Guy’s friends and quickly ran through some open houses. I am all but sure of the neighborhood that I want to live in next. I just need to be patient and sell my current residence and fulfill a residency requirement for the divorce, which I’ll blog about another time.

We got back to his Bell Guy’s apartment in time to catch the last two periods of the Caps’ loss (ugh) to the dreaded Flyers. Series is tied 1-1. Last night I was able to snag tickets to the next two home games. I plan to resell the second game and the profit should come close to paying off the first. However, if the Caps lose the next three games, game 5 will be unnecessary and my plan will be foiled. Not that I’m worried.

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