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A gun. A radio show. Feats of strength. Pete Rose. A rock. A dam. A Canyon. An addiction.




Wife is away on Spring Break so Bell Guy is staying with me this week. Actually, he is laying here next to me. I am going to post more pics and the stories from our trip, alluded to at the beginning of this post, later this week.

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I’m back in Las Vegas for a convention for the next week or so. I was just here in November but this trip is longer and will allow me to spend more time siteseeing.

Today, me and two coworkers went to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. I had seen these two places previously, but it was worth it to go again. Both are rather majestic and the Hoover Dam always strikes me as an amazing engineering marvel. I will try to post some pics soon. Tomorrow I am going to see the show Mystere and the convention begins Tuesday morning.

Bell Guy is flying in on Thursday. He has never been to Vegas so I am not only excited to see him, but also excited to show him around. On Saturday, we are going to the Grand Canyon for a night before returning to Vegas and then flying home Monday. I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon in 13 years so I am really looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see him.

Over the weekend, Bell Guy told two friends that he and I were planning on moving in together this Summer. Both friends were supportive which is great. I think Bell Guy was a little worried that he’d get a “you may be moving too fast” speech from one of them.

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The trip to Vegas was fast and fun!

The first night we met another manager for dinner at Maggiano’s. That is my favorite Italian restaurant. The spaghetti sauce there reminds me of my grandmother’s.

The next day we were off to the convention expo in an attempt to recruit vendors to pay and attend our convention we have in the Fall. We booked the trip so late we had to stay in an off Strip hotel and doing so was kind of a pain. So, we drove to the expo area and began our work. I tell ya, walking around on a cement floor all day was a feet and back killer. I did see a few hot guys which was nice.

That night we went to see Phantom. Phantom is a shorter version of Phantom of the Opera, which I have not seen, and was totally fab. We had great seats and I really enjoyed the show and highly recommend it if you’re ever in town. The special effects and music were amazing. I actually liked Phantom more than most of the Cirque shows that I have seen (it is not a Cirque show).


Day Two was back at the expo but we finished in a few hours and went to eat at Bahama Breeze. I love that place and its chicken kabobs. Yum-O! Wish there was one closer to my hometown.

We tried to ship back some materials at FedEx Kinkos but ran into a completely unhelpful employee (no I do not want to find my own box, tape, etc and pack the stuff myself) so we found a UPS Store, shipped the stuff, and headed back for our hotel.

After pissing off the housekeeper by telling her to come back later (because I wanted 15 minutes to lay down), we headed for the Monorail and went and explored some of the hotels on the Strip. The manager I was with, Gossip, was quite a trooper as we walked around a lot and she is older. She hadn’t been to Vegas in over ten years so everything was different for her this time. No complaints and she really enjoyed herself. I did too.

Our first stop was the Bellagio. As we were walking across from the Bally’s Monorail Station, the Bellagio fountains were giving a show to what is now my favorite song. I could have stood there lost forever in that magic. They have always been the highlight of any trip to Vegas and I decided next time I travel there for pleasure I am going to stay in a room that overlooks them, if only for one night.


We then went and looked around the inside of the Bellagio, Mirage and Caesar’s Palace. I gambled a little on the way but lost virtually nothing and it was fun.

After looking around in the hotels, we took a cab to Fremont Street for the “Fremont Street Experence” light show. We got there just in time and while the show was good, the one I saw a couple years ago was much better.


Since we would have had to wait an hour for the next show, so we decided to go back to the Mirage for dinner. After dinner, I gambled a little more and we went back to Bellagio and watched the fountains a few more times. This time it was dark and we agreed the shows at night are even more amazing.


That was it. The next morning we got up and went to the airport. I am going back in March for about a week for a convention and am looking forward to that trip. Although I am not a big gambler, I always enjoy my time in Las Vegas.

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Vegas Baby!


I am in Las Vegas for a quick conference. I arrived tonight (my god I forgot how long that flight is from the East Coast) and fly back Saturday. Ironically, I’m here with Gossip. Although I do not always agree with her methods, we generally have fun together. I’m not much of a gambler but we are going to see the show Phantom tomorrow, which I am looking forward to. That and the opportunity to drool over hot packs of gays, which I already spotted in the airport, will make for a fun few days. On a different note, I watched Hairspray on the plane and loved it!

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