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Sadly, the Caps lost in overtime to the dreaded Flyers last night in Game 7. Bell Guy and I were at the game and still had a blast. I’ve said for years that there is nothing like witnessing playoff hockey in person, and I still say that. The atmosphere was amazing – so loud at times you couldn’t hear the music that was being played. Bell Guy and I went to three games this season (two playoff games) and will probably buy a ten pack next year. He seems to really be a fan now. Although the Caps and their improbable playoff run are done this season, they are young and will be a contender for years to come.

Hopefully Ovechkin will win MVP and Boudreau Coach of the Year. They are both deserving.

I hope Montreal defeats Philly in four games. The Flyers are just like their fans – obnoxious brutal bruisers. Especially Briere.

Bell Guy at the game last Saturday.

Sold out Verizon Center, almost all wearing red on Tuesday night.

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I am having some challenges keeping up with reading your blogs. I know I used to leave lots of comments. I am going to try to catch up this week.

I appreciate all of you leaving the thoughtful comments about me feeling violated when Bell Guy read my blog. Bell Guy and I are fine – I have completely forgiven him – and had a good weekend, which I’ll get to in a minute.

I am waffling, even as I write this post, as to whether I want him to read it in the future. I am so private but I also know it is probably better that he really know where I am always coming from, especially with the pending divorce and all of the upheaval that is coming up this year for me. Therefore, I am going to tell him to read it as he wishes.

Onto the weekend…

A few weeks ago, Bell Guy surprised me with hockey tickets to Saturday night’s game. Unfortunately on the way to the game we were in a minor car accident. How there was virtually no damage considering how hard we hit I still do not understand. Bell Guy was driving and was really frazzled but we continued on our short journey.

Considering he had never been to a game in the arena before, Bell Guy picked some amazing seats. We were only five or so rows up and right at the blue line. Sitting that close you really are able to see how big, fast and skilled NHL players are. Ironically, we only took pics of the mites on ice (little kids) players during the intermissions.


(I especially like the bald guy in front.)

We had a ton of fun and the home team won pretty big. (Bell Guy decided he would try to act butch while at the game. That lasted about five minutes until a disco song was played and his cover was quickly blown.) I used to be a big hockey fan and had season tickets for a few years up until the strike and then I lost interest. Bell Guy really liked the game so we are going to try to go back and see a couple more games this season. Who knows, maybe we’ll even make the playoffs. God knows it has been too long.

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