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President Bush became emotional when presenting the Medal of Honor to the family of a Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. I have read some comments that Bush was faking his emotions during the ceremony, but after watching it, that clearly is not the case. I cannot stand the man, but he is human and pretty compassionate from what I have witnessed over the years. Regardless, this post is not really about Bush and what I believe to be an unjust war. It is about a hero that died in that war.

In case you chose not to view the video, Mike Monsoor was a Navy SEAL and was with three other Navy SEALS when an Iraqi insurgent threw a grenade on the roof of where they were positioned. Monsoor was the closest to the exit, but instead of leaving his three comrades to die, he jumped on the grenade. The blast killed Monsoor and injured two of his comrades. His bravery and selflessness earned him the Medal of Honor, the highest honor this country can bestow on a servicemember. He is only the fourth servicemember to earn the award since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began. Since Vietnam, the medal has been awarded seven times, all posthumously.

I have often pondered over the last five years why Monsoor and others had to die for me while I sat stateside and had a comfortable life. Every funeral of a servicemember at Arlington is covered by our local paper and there have been many articles, and thus I have had many thoughts. Perhaps not joining the military after college will go down as one of my biggest regrets in life.

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