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Site Update

I added many new blogs to my blogroll and I’ll feature them as I go along. Take a few minutes to check them out!

I also changed themes. The new theme is cleaner and the date doesn’t flow outside of the text box, as before. I am anal and that got on my nerves. Lastly, I uploaded a new header image. I took that pic in Maui last year.

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California Fires

I hope the Bush administration doesn’t completely screw up the federal response to the California fires. Hopefully some lessons were learned from Katrina, or maybe there are some executives employed by FEMA that now have common sense.

I feel terrible for those people. Christian, one of my closest blogger pals, lives in SoCal (and whose community I’ve seen on the news about the fires way too often) and left work early yesterday to pack up some things “just in case.” There was a woman on the news that had to evacuate her home so fast that she had to leave her cats behind. They ended up being okay, but can you imagine being in that position? I’ve certainly got my issues but I am safe and do not have to worry about my house burning down and I’m pretty damn thankful for that.

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This is a continuation of my cast of characters posts that I began a few weeks ago.

I met Military Guy in a chat room probably 18 or so months ago. I do not remember the details but we did ht it off. He and Boston Guy are the people that I have kept in touch with whom I originally met on Yahoo.

Military Guy is gorgeous and very intelligent. Tall, dark and handsome and he speaks four languages in addition to English. He joined the military, as an officer, to piss off his father and has hated it the entire time. While he did serve in Iraq, he retuned safely and is allegedly currently in a safe assignment.

Coincidentally, Military Guy was a local guy to me. He begged me numerous times to let him take me to dinner but I never would do it because of the commitment I had to Boston Guy. While I did not tell him that was the reason, he is well aware of Boston Guy and has been aware of him for a year or so. He is also aware that I met Boston Guy last weekend. He is supportive, and does not seem jealous, but I think he wishes he were stationed here now.

Military Guy has said that he witnessed the growth in me, over the time we have known one another, just in what I was willing to chat about. I found this remarkable but I guess it is true. Honestly, Military Guy played a part in that but it was mostly Boston Guy.

When things went south with Boston Guy, I emailed Military Guy. I really just needed someone to talk to and he was it. He did not respond. I knew that he had been sent to a European country but that was all I knew. Over the next few months, I tried several times to reach him. None was successful, so I just assumed that he did not want to communicate because he was irritated that I fell in love with this other guy after he had spent quite a bit of time pursuing me. I figured he had moved on.

I decided to email him one more time in August and he responded. Turns out he had been seriously injured in an accident on base. The cause of the accident appears to have been stupidity and had Military Guy not been at the right place at the right time, two soldiers may have been killed. Military Guy was awarded a medal for his bravery. The accident caused Military Guy to be hospitalized for a few weeks and was unable to type on a computer for several more.

Happily, Military Guy is almost recovered from the accident and we are able to chat occasionally. He is still in the European country, so the time difference has made chatting difficult but we try to make the best of it. He has gone out of his way to be there for me, at one point getting up at 3am his time in order to chat with me. He did this several times.

He is supposed to return to my area in January and I definitely want to meet him.

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I thought I had read it all at this point in my life. Until this afternoon. Someone, or a group of someones, decided to vandalize a deceased soldier’s grave in Texas this week. We’ve all heard of cemetary vandalism before, but this hero, Lance Cpl. Jeremy Burris, was recently killed in Iraq and was buried this week. The funeral got tons of press in the Texas town and it seems his grave was targeted. I hope they catch the animals responsible. Makes me sick. The entire story here.

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Albus Dumbledore, master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, outed him Friday night while appearing before a full house at Carnegie Hall. Full story here.

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Goodbye Joe

Baseball rant time.

I was disappointed to read that Torre walked from the Yankees today. I cannot say I blame him. Twelve years and twelve playoff appearances, not to mention the world championships, and they wanted him to take a pay cut (29 percent). They thought this “offer” would motivate him to make a deeper run into the playoffs because of bonus money tied to depth in the playoffs. I find it funny that he turned around a team of superstars that played horribly earlier in the season and made the playoffs, which many thought was not possible, and he got this lousy offer. How many professionals, regardless of the field or salary, would accept a 29 percent pay cut from an organization that makes a fortune?

Now, the Yankees have a PR nightmare, not to mention the possibility of several players walking away due to their allegiance to Torre. They may not even make the playoffs next year, much less go deeper than this season. I know Torre will be fine. He is, and always has been a class act and is very well respected.

Rant over. Have a nice weekend.

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On Sunday, I alluded to writing Boston Guy a letter. Here’s the scoop.

While I was sitting in the airport on Saturday waiting to leave to see Boston Guy, I decided to write him a letter. I figured if the weekend went well, I’d give it to him as I was leaving.

A little background is warranted. I listened to a pretty excellent speaker at a convention a few months ago. He is credited with creating the Nike Lance Armstrong Live Strong wristbands. When he left Nike, in appreciation for his work, they created wristbands just for him. They are clear and say D.R.E.A.M. on them. There is a meaning there, but it is too long to get into.

At the conclusion of his speech, he announced that he had wristbands for us. I thought this was cool, as he said the only way to get them was to see him in person. I was hoping to grab a bunch for my managers back home. Well, the wristband police were at the distribution points, so we were told we could only have one. I stole a second anyway.

I’ve been thinking for a while who to give one of the wristbands to. It is a simple gift, but in my mind, if presented thoughtfully, a pretty big gesture on my part.

I considered giving it to my Mom, a blogger friend, a college friend, my wife and Boston Guy. Well, it really was not a difficult choice. I chose long ago to give it to Boston Guy and was just waiting for the right time.

In the letter to him, I explained the meaning of the wristband, and the fact that I only had one to give out. I further said that I was eternally grateful for him being there the last two years and, although I could not predict our future, I knew that we’d remain lifelong friends and that I loved him. It was quite a sappy letter, but it needed to be. And the fact that it was handwritten was even more meaningful, at least to me. (Do you handwrite letters to people that you love? Because handwritten letters are so rare these days, they are pretty damn special. Just a thought.)

I gave the letter and wristband, in an envelope, to Boston Guy as we got out of his car at the airport and told him to open it later. He looked puzzled but agreed. A few minutes later, after I had gotten to the gate, he sent me a text saying that the wristband was meaningful to him and he was wearing it.

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